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Mobile Grid announces the initial release of "Cloud Scope for RightScale"

Mobile Grid, Inc. is excited to announce the release of our new application for the iPhone, a companion to the RightScale Cloud Management Platform. “Cloud Scope for RightScale” is not designed to replace RightScale’s web interface, but rather to complement it and to add value through remote access to important information; allowing you to perform those actions that are useful “on the go”.

Now you have MOBILE VISIBILITY into the status of all of your deployments and servers; detailed graph data allows you to analyze critical resources. You have the ABILITY to RESPOND to critical situations and manage server resources right from your iPhone. You SAVE TIME. Anytime, anywhere there is a data connection, you have access to your RightScale account from your iPhone; un-tethering you from both desktop and laptop. “Cloud Scope for RightScale” was built to be secure, your direct connection to RightScale is encrypted, and all passwords are stored locally encrypted as well. These are just a few of Cloud Scope’s many interactive features; a more comprehensive feature list is available in the FAQ on our website.

The application is available on the App Store now! Learn more

About Mobile Grid:

Founded in 2010, Mobile Grid, Inc. is focused on Enabling Mobile Cloud Management; bringing you the right features when and where you need them. With quality, usability, and security our top priorities, we strive to deliver to you the highest quality products and best possible user experience without compromise.

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