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Cloud Scope for RightScale - Enterprise Visibility

Cloud Scope for RightScale - Enterprise Visibility

The power of Cloud Scope for RightScale can be expanded through the addition of feature sets which extend the functionality of the application, and are purchased on a monthly basis. They allow you to customize Cloud Scope specifically for your needs. Subscriptions are offered right inside the application so you can extend the functionality anytime.

Cloud Scope: keeping you connected

Enterprise Visibility goes a step beyond the basic Cloud Management feature set by giving users with RightScale Scalable Arrays the ability to view array status, array instance status, schedules, and more. Paired with the Cloud Management feature set, users take full advantage of on demand cloud management.

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Extended Features

Enterprise Visibility

Enterprise Visibility



When Cloud Management also purchased *

View Server Array Status
View Array Instance Status HUD
View Array Alert Parameters
View Array Instance State
View Array Schedules
View Array Configuration Options
Launch Arrays  
Terminate Arrays  
Enable Arrays  
Disable Arrays  

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