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Cloud Scope
Cloud Scope for RightScale

Cloud Scope is a mobile companion application to the RightScale cloud aggregation platform.  It's targeted at providing the features needed to manage your cloud infrastructure from your mobile device while on the go.  

The design of the feature set is targeted at 3 main goals;

  1. To give the user "Mobile Visibility" into the health of your cloud infrastructure.
  2. To give the user "The Ability to Respond" to events quickly.
  3. To "Save You Time" by giving you easy access to your infrastructure.

Graphs on Cloud Scope are created from RAW Average data points coming from the sketchy servers.  The graphs on RightScale include this average but also include the max and min values, which accounts for a difference when there are a lot of varied peaks and lows in the data.  If you average those peaks and lows out over the sample period, you’ll get the average values we’re using.

The base version of Cloud Scope is free. You can purchase subscriptions for advanced features. Your Cloud Scope subscription purchases may be a reimbursable business expense, check with your employer.

No, Cloud Scope for RightScale has been tested with Apple's Energy Diagnostics test software and has shown to have very low energy usage.  Cloud Scope for RightScale rated a one (1) on a relative energy usage scale of 0-20.   This was during a session that included starting and stopping servers as well as refresh and various other normal activity.

Cloud Scope requires you to have an account with RightScale and also an account with Amazon AWS cloud services. RightScale accounts are free for the developer edition and the AWS cloud is pay as you go with pennies per hour for each instance you start while it is running.  If you’re not familiar with RightScale, please take a look at their website If you are unfamiliar with Amazon AWS, more information can be found here

Currently the RightScale management platform is supported by CloudScope.

Cloud Scope was designed to be a companion app to the cloud management system.  It is not intended to replace it so the features are limited to those that would be useful on a small mobile device while on the go. 

Cloud Scope was built on a universal cloud access platform called "Cloud Base".  The initial release of Cloud Scope is targeted at the RightScale platform but there are plans to support other cloud providers.  Please check our site to get the latest announcements on upcoming versions of Cloud Scope.

You may also follow us on various social networks where we will make the announcements as they are available.

Currently the RightScale API which "Cloud Scope for RightScale" uses only supports Amazon instances.  RightScale has plans to provide access to other cloud providers such as RackSpace.  When this happens, Cloud Scope will be updated to support the new clouds such as RackSpace, Eucalyptus, and others.

We value the feedback of our users and all feature requests will be reviewed and considered for implementation.  To request a feature, please send an email to  A support ticket will be created and the feature will be added to the wish list. 

Please supply as much information as you can about the feature and consider adding a "Use Case" describing in what context and how the feature would be used.  We will review each feature and determine whether the feature gets added to the product road map.

If you chose to store your password, Cloud Scope will store all passwords locally on your iPhone using AES 256 bit encryption.

Cloud Scope does not use any intermediary servers between the app and RightScale.  The Cloud Scope application has a direct encrypted SSL link to your RightScale account.

Cloud Scope allows users to conform to company security policies.   If set to auto logout, Cloud Scope will auto logout of the application after a user determined period of time and forget the password completely.

If you purchased Cloud Scope for RightScale prior to the subscription model (purchases before July 11, 2012) you will have access to all features in the "Cloud Management" and "Enterprise Visibility" feature sets.  No further purchase will be required.

If you purchased Cloud Scope for RightScale prior to the subscription model  and you do not see both of these feature sets active in version 2.00.019 or above, please go to the feature sets tab and choose the action menu button on the lower right of the screen (a small square with an arrow in it).  This will present you with a menu to "Restore Subscriptions".  Choose the option to restore the feature sets to your device.  If this still does not activate them, please contact support for assistance.

Users who download the free edition, can gain access to the advanced features by purchasing a subscription.  

If you get the error above after initial setup, please delete the application from your device and reinstall it.  Before running the app again, please make sure you have your RSS Access enabled on RightScale.  When completing the setup step for “User Setup” in Cloud Scope, please ensure that once the “Next” button is displayed for the first time, you do not make any changes to the user or password.  If you continue to have trouble, please contact for help.

We currently have a fix for this issue that is in Apple review; once it passes we will release the fix.  We apologize for any inconvenience.